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Easter 2014

My annual Easter poem. I had a different one, but a couple nights ago, I just started writing this. 

It’s a messy, messy world
out there, all around me

Can I help the defensive blaming feeling
as the questions rise up in me
resonating AT me
culminate to one – age-old question from Gethsamene –
“Who is it you are looking for?”

Still, I’ll ignore that ugly sunken feeling
As I kiss him, betray him
Yell “Hosanna!” and “Crucify Him!”

But it’s a confounding, weeping feeling
that suddenly I see
– as the thief and the denier
or maybe worse, the bystander –
That, still (in spite of),
I’m promised a forgiven destiny
here and later.

And in the dawn,
it’s a clear and chilly feeling
to touch the stone


I can only realize regret that the truth is…

I’m a messy messy world in me
full of fear and gravity.
Through the noise of emptiness,
“Who is it I’m looking for?”

Then Mercy at its deepest
Says my name.

And I recognize the voice
and look up.


The Word

My annual reflection on Easter…

“Father. Forgive them”
Spoken from a place of God-forsaken pain
deep incomprehensible love for all
who cried
“Hosanna” and
“Crucify Him” in one

“It is finished” breaks the earth,
tears religion top to bottom
Regained access to our Creator

And when death is buried
sealed, guarded,
dawn comes…
The stone removed
reveals astonishing Truth:

“He is not here.
He is risen.”

Resurrection Day: Once’s been a while since I posted, so Easter is as good a time as any.  Each year, I try to spend some time reflecting on Christ’s death and resurrection and what this whole Gospel thing means to me.  That being said, I have been delaying it and didn’t really start working on a poem until a couple days ago – but here is a product of my mulling:

Once there was despair
a void, a darkness
Now the Word spoken into being
brings hope, filling, light

Once there was the law
the “do”s, the “don’t”s
the punishment for crimes
Now there stands the cross
a reprieve, one word

Once a command to sacrifice our “Isaac”
Our nearest love to prove
our faith
Now replaced by
the last-moment lamb
“Stay thy hand”
there is a greater sacrifice

Once the wrath of God
a necessary answer to that choice
in Eden long ago
Now poured out on His Son
A promise fulfilled
a plan completed
Death’s sting: gone.

Once a forbidden room
the Holy of holies
the throne of God
Now open to all
a curtain: ripped
the High Priest: broken
the distant God
brought close.

Once the law
Now the blood
Once brokenness
Now healing
Once fear
Now presence
Once chasm
Now confidence

Now Christ.


Every Easter, I try to reflect a little bit and write a poem.  A little over a month ago, a post on a friend’s blog got me to thinking about 2 Cor 4:17, and as Easter drew closer, it provided a certain amount of context… but really, how do you capture such an event like this one?

The eternal weight of glory
Balances on the cross
Silence envelopes time
Right before the cry
Of “It is finished!”
Rips the sky

Eternal weight of glory
Falls dangerously on the soul
Forgiveness at this cross
“For we know not what we do”
Grace on wretched man
Made new.

The eternal weight of glory
Heavy as the stone
Once sealed over life
Now freed of death, of fear
Measured words at the tomb
“You. – will. – not. – find. – Him. – here.”

Eternal glory far outweighs
Present troubles, momentary
We wait for it, unseen
Sin’s weight absorbed on Messiah Christ

“I am the resurrection
And the Life”