Due to the nature of my job, in the midst of the Christmas music and lights, I can’t ignore a prominent theme that has been at my work: the need for peace in the DRCongo – called the most dangerous place for women and the rape capital of the world (you can read more about it at http://www.lynnehybels.com).
But since I’ve never been there – this poem really seems slightly… presumptuous? Who am I to even try to imagine what it is like there? I’ll never know… 
But this mixture, this paradox of Christmas and the conflict in DRC has been tumbling around together in my head. Somehow – it has formed the following (feedback, comments welcome):
To walk
To walk across the road and into the forest
without fear
without returning with torn dress
from running, from man
Left with only an obligation of survival
“if only” is a discouraged dream

Oh – for a renewal of tears
long since dried with terrifying resignation

Bow your head, oh Women

Remember centuries ago
Our Mother
with perceived and public shame
Who delivered the Deliverer
and fled from murderous intent

Oh Emmanuel, hear our prayers
Remember Mary’s Daughters

For Peace
Between the great necessary cause to end all wars, suffering, pain…
the need to simply gather wood.
To cook.
To simply live.
O Come, O Come Emmanuel

One response to “God-With-Her

  1. Very touching and beautifully expressed. Thank you, Larissa, for using your gift and your frienship to enrich my life!

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