Resurrection Day: Once’s been a while since I posted, so Easter is as good a time as any.  Each year, I try to spend some time reflecting on Christ’s death and resurrection and what this whole Gospel thing means to me.  That being said, I have been delaying it and didn’t really start working on a poem until a couple days ago – but here is a product of my mulling:

Once there was despair
a void, a darkness
Now the Word spoken into being
brings hope, filling, light

Once there was the law
the “do”s, the “don’t”s
the punishment for crimes
Now there stands the cross
a reprieve, one word

Once a command to sacrifice our “Isaac”
Our nearest love to prove
our faith
Now replaced by
the last-moment lamb
“Stay thy hand”
there is a greater sacrifice

Once the wrath of God
a necessary answer to that choice
in Eden long ago
Now poured out on His Son
A promise fulfilled
a plan completed
Death’s sting: gone.

Once a forbidden room
the Holy of holies
the throne of God
Now open to all
a curtain: ripped
the High Priest: broken
the distant God
brought close.

Once the law
Now the blood
Once brokenness
Now healing
Once fear
Now presence
Once chasm
Now confidence

Now Christ.


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