Every Easter, I try to reflect a little bit and write a poem.  A little over a month ago, a post on a friend’s blog got me to thinking about 2 Cor 4:17, and as Easter drew closer, it provided a certain amount of context… but really, how do you capture such an event like this one?

The eternal weight of glory
Balances on the cross
Silence envelopes time
Right before the cry
Of “It is finished!”
Rips the sky

Eternal weight of glory
Falls dangerously on the soul
Forgiveness at this cross
“For we know not what we do”
Grace on wretched man
Made new.

The eternal weight of glory
Heavy as the stone
Once sealed over life
Now freed of death, of fear
Measured words at the tomb
“You. – will. – not. – find. – Him. – here.”

Eternal glory far outweighs
Present troubles, momentary
We wait for it, unseen
Sin’s weight absorbed on Messiah Christ

“I am the resurrection
And the Life”


2 responses to “Easter

  1. Great poem, Larissa. My new favourite!

  2. Dear Larissa, It’s beautiful! Powerful, touching, and lovely!
    Love you, Esther

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