Reflection on a funeral

Now I know that it’s Christmas and all, so this isn’t very cheery.  I was at a conference at the beginning of December, and it was held at a church.  There was another event at the church: a memorial service and a funeral of a 14 year old boy who had died a sudden death.  For some reason, I couldn’t get it out of my head, and these are some of the thoughts that I wrote down.

Upon the Death of a 14 year old son

How do you fill the hole
Upon coming home?
A home that is
Unnaturally familiar
Due to sudden
To a mother’s heart
A father’s pride
The silence
The silence
The silence

How do you fill


the silence


Coming back from what feels like
Your own funeral?

How do you deal with reality
When the crowds of sympathy
Demand (for it’s all they know and understand)
A return to normalcy?

What do you do
When everything in you
Rebels against moving on?

What words do you say
when you’re afraid of betraying
Even the very meaning (if there is one)
Of his death?

What do you cry
When coming home
To your own voice
there is nothing left inside?


3 responses to “Reflection on a funeral

  1. Excellent. As always

  2. Thanks for sharing…all of them! :0)

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