“It’s raining in Baltimore…”

Another Baltimore one – appropriate for the recent weather here:

Pounding rain
Drops from the Harbor into the air
a veiled curtain to all the sounds and thoughts

the puddles
Swirl into oil and grease and trash and blood
the mist reaches cool fingers
into collars of jackets

Umbrellas parade
Down Pratt St
shivering bodies holding wet cardboard
ask for change, better lives

Slick crackly sounds
rush by my window
Joining the slow drips on the leaves

This is the rhythm of Baltimore’s rain.

If a kite can go higher

up the sky

or even off the ground

the wind would make a flyer out of me.

If you could love me strong enough

teach me not to flee

but how to fly

then you could make a lover out of me.

Highs and lows

dips and gos

both the same

both insane

If you will be the flyer

and if I was the kite

I think I’m finally ready

to take that faith-filled flight


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