Air Travel

Tomorrow morning, I fly to SEA via ORD from BWI and catch myself calling cities by their airport names…
…so just a little ditty:

Hello O’Hare
We meet again
Neoned tunnel
Flashing over me
As I run to catch my delayed flight.

Hello PDX,
Granola carvings, jewelry, stones
Calls to me as I hug
Long-ago seen family.

Hello Changi
Malls, hotels
Disguise your purpose
For international ins and outs.

I’m only passing through…


One response to “Air Travel

  1. Larissa, Oh the nature of being a missionary traveller. I know the background music they play on the American Airlines pre-flight instruction movie. I guess we are all pilgrims and our real home will be the sweeter for it. I LOVE poetry!

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