Hope for all that was
And could be
Hope for the un-bitten apple
Hope for the lonely tree
Hope for not blaming other people
Or hiding amongst the leaves
Hope for the cool of the day
Hope for walking free

Faith in the blamers
The biters
The hiders
Faith in those that are flawed
Faith in the collector
All for the Lamb of God.

Love included in all
Of Eden and east of Eden
The unchosen, unwise, unknown
Love for those with the past
No future
Love for beginnings
Forsaken, alone
And triumphed,

All are forgiven

at last.


3 responses to “Hope

  1. um….wow! I wanna quote this!! or put it to music or SOMETHING!! Love it, love it, love it…..wow! ok, done now!! Keep writing!! We can make a book of poetry digitally someday, I’ll design it, you write!! woot woot!! whew!

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